Our midwives provided exceptional care for my son and I. I felt supported and genuinely lovingly cared for throughout my pregnancy and in the first 6 weeks postpartum. They gave me patient help to initiate breastfeeding, even when I became flustered and impatient. I cannot give enough praise to our amazing team, Cindy, Sara, Safire and CJ too! I almost wish I was still pregnant so I could see them all the time :)
— Kate Ford
We can’t thank our wonderful midwives enough for their support and love through our journey to become parents. Our home birth was calm and personal and put us in control of decisions that were important to us. The care following our baby’s birth has been amazing. It really feels like our midwives are part of our extended family. Thank you so much! Xx
— Alice Morrow
My son will be 6 months old tomorrow (born at the Toronto Birth Centre) and I still think of the amazing care I was in when I was a Kensington Midwives patient. Savannah, Jenn and Kay (and Safire!) were an incredible team and I always felt like we were in the best possible hands!!
— Ilana Zarankin
We had an amazing experience with these amazing women. Couldn’t say enough good things about them and the care they provide! Highly recommend them! My son is almost 3 and I still miss them!
— Ruth Cook